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Website and forum news

The website seems to be back to normal on our new host. I've had no complaints from Phil Gregory about the Pembleton Motor Company website co-hosted with ours. The forum is working but it doesn't look as if I'm going to get anything worthwhile from the previous forum which is a pity. I now back up reasonably frequently - the more people post the shorter the period betwen backups.

The funding of the websites hasn't been sorted yet. Phil paid for the website when it was hosted by Blackzen and I hope he will continue to pay. As the two sites cost less than he was paying before then there should be no problems.

When the problems occured with our website when hosted by Blackzen I jumped to the conclusion that Phil han't paid them so I paid £60 to Blackzen and the idea was to sort it all out later. I have failed to make any useful contact with Stefan (of Blackzen) about either the forum or the money. At the Lakes Motor Museum weekend it was suggested that I shouldn't be out of pocket and I should ask people for a small contribution and if and when I got enough I could then close the appeal. On that basis I'll publicise my Paypal account name (DavidT2410) and let us see what happens. I hope this doesn't turn into a financial disaster with the a/c being hacked!

Ribble Pilot

I found Ribble Kits and Classics on the web. I do so like the look of 1950s sports racers, they use either a Triumph Herald, Vitesse or Spitfire as the donor. Because it uses an unmodified chassis there's no IVA to worry about. I even started looking on ebay for a possible donor!

A new development; a 2CV chassis can now be used as the donor but I'm not sure if the proportions are the same as the Herald/Vitesse or the shorter Spitfire based car. Have a look at the Ribble website for more information.

Quicksilver - an update

At last I've solved the oil breather problem. It took weeks for the bits to come from Italy but 15mins to fit a part Moto Guzzi call a hose to the rocker shaft, torque up the head bolts and nuts, check the tappets and fit the rocker cover. A few longish runs into Yorkshire during the few days of fine weather showed almost no oil being lost. I need to make a proper catch tank as the old Coke bottle sitting in a water bottle cage from a bike that I'using at the moment doesn't enhance the under bonnet looks.

La Vie en Bleu and North Yorks Moors Run - 2013

I was a bit disappointed that nobody bothered to write an acccount of the recent VEB and NYMR events which seemed to thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part. This newsletter can only be successful if there is news to report!

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