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Lakes Motor Museum 2013

The idea for the trip came when Duncan saw a flyer for a Mark Westfield event at the Lakeland Motor Museum for a "Drive-in day" at the museum on Sunday 14 April. He posted a note on the 'events' forum and things moved on from there. Mike Bulley, who lives quite close to the museum, kindly offered camping space in his garden for up to 12 tents and given the actual weather that transpired floor space in his house.

Earlier in that week I had adjusted the gaz shocks on the front and increased the damping because the front end was very bouncy on uneven surfaces. I had also whipped off the nearside cylinder head to pop in the missing 'O' ring which I believed would fix my oil loss problem and had a blast round the Leeds ring road and everything seemed OK. At least the car was ready. The weather had been unseasonably cold for what seemed like months but, more importantly for wimps like me, at least it was dry but the weather forecast suggested it would break for the weekend of the trip. As the date got closer the forecast got worse with rain and strong winds predicted. But by the Friday the forecast looked more hopeful suggesting we might be lucky and not have heavy rain over the entire w/e.

I loaded up the car and set off bright and early on Saturday morning for the run to Cark, where Mike lives, with blue skies and the sun shining on the Pennines, the tops still capped with snow from the late snow fall. I checked the oil near Skipton and found my problem had not been fixed and things were as bad as ever. The problem was controllable as the oil blown off was collected and recycled back into the sump every 40 to 50 miles or so. At least the handling had improved so I hadn't wasted all my efforts during the week.

I arrived at Mike's ready for a cuppa. Duncan and Tom had driven up the previous day so the four of us set off on a clockwise tour of the lakes organised by Mike at about 10 o'clock. Mike had done a recce earlier in the week and the Hardknott and Wrynose passes were still blocked by snow so we were unable to tackle these. We worked our way up the west side of the lakes passing Sellafield where, at its peak, the Visitors' Centre used to attract an average of 1,000 people per day. In recent years, its popularity has deteriorated, so it's now changed from tourist attraction to conference facility. Given how remote the western lake district is I can't imagine they do that well as a conference centre.

Afterwards I discovered we had missed a photo op at Embleton and bypassed the village which is near Cockermouth - it looks like an excuse for a return to the lakes for the alternative Embleton trip? We stopped a couple of times for coffee and photos and stopped for lunch after 'doing' the Whinlatter Pass and a run alongside Buttermere. The snow capped mountains, blue skies and the lakeside scenery looked fantastic. I tried taking pictures while on the move but forgot about the inordinate delay betwen pressing the 'shutter' and it actually taking the picture. I had a lot of fuzzy pictures of the floor, dashboard and front wing as a result - not one picture of the scenery.

The above pictures were taken by Duncan who can manage to drive and take good pics at the same time.

We met Callum with his very nicely finished Burton in the hotel car park were we sat in the sunshine enjoying our lunch. We set off and the blue skies were replaced by ever lower grey clouds and finally it started to rain. A quick 'don the waterproofs' stop was made and we finished the run to Mike's place after a drive, in what had turned into heavy rain, alongside Windermere.

We had a meal booked at the local for that evening and while we were drinking tea and then beer Dave Parr appeared in a van rather than Silverfish. The rain had abated by the evening and we walked to the pub and enjoyed a our meal and beers before returning for a well earned nights sleep. It had been a long day for me as I had got up at about 5:30 that morning and I do need my sleep!

The next morning dawned with the promised rain which seemed to be easing off when we decide to make a move to go to the museum. Of course we chose the moment when the rain started to come down in earnest as we set off. We arrived at our destination and were ushered into a small car park near the entrance for a photo shoot by a representative of the local press who kept asking questions about our club no matter how many times we said we weren't a club.

We visited the museum and met Sam Bike who had made the trip over from Teeside that morning in his Pembleton. The museum was interesting and full of things that brought back memories of childhood (and later) with thoughts of 'I had one of them' or 'I remember them'. After lunch the rain had stopped and people were thinking about the drive home. Duncan and I set off to Yorkshire with the wind getting much stronger. I was pleased to find that Quicksilver seems very stable in the strong cross wind. We parted ways at Skipton where Duncan contnued to Markington and I went to Barnoldswick to visit friends and to show off Quicksilver which they had never seen. The final run back to Leeds in sunshine was a great end to a great weekend trip.

Thanks to Duncan and Mike for organising the event and it certainly makes me want to return to the lake district again. I had forgotten how beautiful the area is. I used to drive my father from Sheffield to Workington, when he worked for United Steel Company (later became part of British Steel), leave him in the morning at the steel works, spend the day walking in the lakes, free food and hotel accommodation repeated for a couple of days - great times.

David Tocher

P.S. During the following week I removed the rocker cover on the offending cylinder, ran the engine to see exactly what was going on and discovered a hole/crack in the feed to the rocker shaft - a jet of oil was escaping so that might be the explaination for my problem - new parts are on order

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