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Progress on the super Pem?

Well things have changed a bit since I first mooted a "Superpem" some years ago. My original idea was to use a watercooled BMW mounted in the conventional position. using shaft drive to the back wheel but time and ideas moved on. The current plan to which I am very much now commited is still water cooled but now using a much modified Pembleton chassis the project is to be mid engined, rear wheel drive! this venture entails moving the seating position forward to achive a 8' 6" wheelbase quite short in Pembleton terms and a bit longer in old Morgan terms.

I am using a Honda pan european power unit complete with its shaft drive. The Citroen cross member had to go to provide foot room towards the front axle line. The chassis is finished and the skin being built. Still a long way to go though. I opted for having the panels professionaly made, the option of buying an english wheel and all the other kit to build a body plus the time involved was simply to mind boggling for me so I built a buck and found a top body man. I am looking to build something better than the New Morgan in style and finish. Some may argue that it defeats the Pembleton object but it's case of value in value out for me.

The body will be complete in a few weeks then it's a case of fitting the body with all its clips, lugs etc then take everything apart and rebuild to a finished level making sure every item is complete, fits and works then dismantle again for powder coating, reassemble, wiring, plumbing and fire it up. We don't live far from the Blyton sprint course which is a bonus for shakedown runs for me an essential some running at low medium & high speed finds out what works what's wrong and what needs changing before SVA.

Roll over bar yes horrible but this car is for family use, Wife & Daughter so safety and relability are the watchword.

Colin Wilson

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