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Welch plugs

Over the years I've changed 2CV kingpins and have never managed to achieve a seal on the Welch plug. After replacing them on the Brooklands once again the grease took the easy route around of the plug.

In an attempt to get grease to the bushes I have installed a plug inside the kingpin bore that seals at the top using 'O' rings

A length of 4mm screwed rod attaches another shouldered plug at the base of the kingpin stopping the sealing plug from falling. It was necessary to machine a series of grooves in the base plug to allow the grease to pass.

Barry Hatch

I did more or less the same thing but made plugs for top and bottom, with 'O' rings, to fit the uprights. These replaced both top and bottom seals used by Citroën. My plugs needed to be thin to avoid them touching the inside of the wheel. I think Barry's meathod is neater but I assume the welch plug is still used to seal the king pin from road debris.

The Editor

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