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Progress Report

I started 'Valentine' Super Sport chassis No.341 on the 1st September 2012, the name Valentine is in memory of my father in law who passed away in May 2012. I have been building for just over 12 months, my first priority was to complete the rolling chassis into a running condition that I completed in May 2013. Since then I have been building the body which has been a very rewarding hobby/pasttime. At present I have the majority of the body complete and I am completing the final jobs prior to booking MSVA test that I plan to carry out in October 2013. These cars are not kit cars but very much hand built and much more engaging than bolting on a plastic body. One thing is certain the support of the forum members and Duncan's workshop weekends have been pivotal to the success of this build. I am running a 2CV motor and standard solex carb with a flexible balance pipe conversion I have developed to enable the use of the PMC front pipes and the engine runs really well. I have 48 spoke MGA wire wheels and old school crossply tires. Having stripped the doner and prepared the 2CV mechanicals, I must say that I am impressed with the mechanical design of the 2CV and quality of the components. If anyone is considering building a Pembleton I would thoroughly recommend it. I will post some photos later in the year of the finished car.

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