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My build begins with an article I read in the motoring section of The Daily Telegraph featuring a number of three wheelers.

To me, the Pembleton had the look of the 1920's and I was sold on the idea of building and owning one of these lovely little motor cars there and then.

I had a vision of jaunts into remote rural areas, the little 602 cc motor running like a sewing machine, and heads turning as this little "oldfashioned" motor car sped by. This dream lives on and is reinforced every time I read of the exploits of those who have successfully completed their build and I hope it will not be to long before I too can enjoy the result of my labours.

I bought a donor car almost immediately and commenced to remove all the bits needed to start the build. The doors, seats and windscreen were sold via eBay and the rest was cut up and found its way to the local recycling facility. Engine was striped, new barrels, pistons and rings fitted, valves reground and new valve springs fitted.

The chassis and other bits were collected during late February of this year and work commenced in earnest. I elected to buy Phil's laser cut panels and that proved to be a wise move

The running gear was fitted and what a moment when all three wheels were on the ground and the chassis could be wheeled round!

Since then progress has been steady, sometimes two steps forward and one back, sometimes having to remove bits to fit others because they were in the way, sometimes having to modify bits because they simply didn't fit, often asking for advice on the forum from those who have done it already....but isn't this all part of the fun of building your own car. I think so!

The build is almost at a point where I can start the engine...what a moment that will be, real progress.

The intention is to build a very basic car, get it through the MSVA and then start and trim and fit it out to my liking

To those who have completed their car (do you ever?) congratulations, and may you enjoy the fruits of your labour those who are just starting...good luck.

Fair weather and happy motoring


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