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Bolide upgrades


Mike Meakin

I received a number of e-mails, with pictures, from Mike on upgrades to his car Bolide. I have edited them and put them into order.

Hi David,

Following on Peter's suggestion: completed in June 2008, BMW R100 CS engine, twin-plugged, Boyer Bransden ignition. Wire wheels, Dyane crownwheel & pinion, up-rated springs, 8.5 gallon fuel tank, additional rear locker and underbonnet cubbyhole.



Hi David,

When I've completed installation I'll send you details. Basically, I'm using the same "footprint" as the plastic tank, including the same side and front mounts. Instead of the sdes, front and back of the tank sloping inwards from the centre seam (so the two moulded halves could be released from their moulds), I've had the tank made with square, vertical sides, front and back - similarly, the corners are square, not rounded. The top of the tank is 40mm higher, without moulded depressions, the back of the tank is flat, not dished and 25mm further back.

I have a "dip-tube" sender and the tank is safety foam-filled (better than baffles). To cope with the extra weight of fuel when full, rather than rely of the standard mounts, I have a pair of floor-mounted squares of 3mm aluminium, bolted to the boot floor, carrying a pair of mounts which take seat-belt webbing, slung under the tank. Simple "ladderlock" buckles mean the sling can be pulled taut. The fuel filler pipe exits centre rear and connects through a fuel hose sleeve to a 90 degree bend pipe, straight to the filler above. A tank breather comes off the top of the tank and exits behind the spare wheel carrier to the outside, with an upward rise.The fuel supply to the pump comes off the nearside very low down, so is gravity fed (unlike the suction/syphon standard top pipe).

Side by side, the new tank looks big, but actually goes in the same space as the 2CV donor, plastic tank.



Hi Mike, I'm amazed that the increase is so great given you have just squared of the 2CV tank and increased the height by so little.



Not sure I believe it myself, but the squared-up tank is 390 X 390 X 260mm which equates with 39.5 litres. Deducting a notional 1.5 litres for the foamfill, that leaves 38 litres for fuel, which is 8.5 gallons.

Hi David,

The tank is now fitted - amazing how much time the little jobs take (cables too short, odd things that were fitted AFTER the original tank are now in the way, need to make provision for easy removal if needed etc).

Everything fitted and hooked up, testing was next. Ignition power "on" and the fuel guage moves off its stop and points to "Empty" (which is good, as the tank has yet to receive fuel). Two measured gallons put in - fuel guage reads just under a quarter full. All unions checked - no leaks - fuel pump is primed (courtesy of gravity feed from the tank).

I've attached a couple more photos. Anyone building a heavy quad might be interested to see how much extra storage the Brooklands can provide, with the simple addition of an extra half-elliptical bulkhead (so very little extra weight). There's still 30mm of space above the tank: I used the standard tank mounts and added an extra webbing belt under the tank, attached to brackets bolted to 3mm aluminium spreader plates, bonded to the boot floor - probably not necessary, but I feel easier now that there's capacity for more fuel in the tank - maybe another 25lbs of weight with a full tank.

best wishes,


Next task, MOT.

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