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The Great MOT debate.

There has been a great deal of discussion recently within the forum, regarding whether or not a newly registered Pembleton (or any other vehicle which is "assembled from parts some or all of which were not new" and "Declared new at first registration"), is required to have an MOT in its first 3 years of life.

Whilst it is frustrating that there appears to be inconsistency between offices in different geographical areas, surely it is in the interest of all builders to have a document indicating that their cars are fit for the road. After all, their cars are, "assembled from parts some or all of which were not new". These components may or may not have been overhauled before they were fitted. Components that are 25 years old and were fit for purpose on the day of the MSVA test may well be potentially fatal 2 years and several thousand miles later.

Imagine the field day the press would have if a vehicle within that 3 year time frame suffered a steering failure, caused a child fatality, and was subsequently found to have "no MOT !!" The resulting enquiry could conceivably lead to yet further tightening of the regulations regarding Kit Cars.

I am all for paying for peace of mind and a piece of paper!


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