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Not the 10,000ft run 2013

David Tocher

Malcolm Hopwood is the orgainser of this run through the Yorkshire Dales. The run starts in Ingleton and loops round via Tan Hill and Dent Dale back to Ingleton - a change from the original route which had a slightly different starting point and was not a circular run. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was my first long run since gettng my Pembleton Quicksilver registered at the beginning of Septemeber 2012. There is an account of that trip in the Pembletons Are Go! Newsletter #46. Last year we were blessed with fine weather for our run through wonderful scenery.

The weather forecast promised a dull start for this years run but it was forcast that it would brighten up in the afternoon with some sunny spells - it sounded promising. I set off from Leeds with light clouds and occassional sunshine. I arrived at the information Centre car park in Ingleton early but there were a good number of people there already. The usual milling about, looking at cars and chatting passed the time until the gradual exodus from the car park started. Here is a list of participants.

The run up to Ribblehead gave us a good view of the viaduct. It a huge construction but dwarfed by the open landscape. I was surprised at the number of cars parked at Ribblehead. Passing though a very busy Hawes we encounted an event of some sort organised by Morgan owners - lots of them but alas they were the four wheel variety rather than three wheel moggies. Onto Tan Hill getting there about noon - too late for coffee and too early for lunch for southeners or dinner for them from oop north.

A good number of bikers arrived but the only interesting one, as far as I was concerned, was an old Sunbeam with no attempt to restore it. It looked as if it had been used since new with no messing about. The rider wore a pudding basin helmet looking keeping with the age of the bike - I do know that motorcyclists didn't legally need helmets until a number of years after this bike was made but it look far better than a modern brain bucket.

After refuelling myself with a beer and a giant yorkshire pudding with steak and ale filling - great grub - I had short walk out along the Pennine Way. Once out of sight of the pub it is a very desolate place with no man-made things, except the path, to be seen.

We set off again in small groups of about four or five cars. The clouds were getting lower and lower and the run down towards Kiby Stephen got a bit damp - a grand soft day as we say in Ireland.

The run along the A684 was a bit busy but scenic with the hills to our left capped with clouds. The final section of the ride is along Dent Dale and then over the hills to Ingleton. There are a couple of fine viaducts en route to Dent - not as big as the one at Ribblehead but still imposing in the more closed landscape especially as we were quite close to them. A tea stop in Dent spent answering all the usual questions from interested bystanders and a nice cup of tea in one of the many cafés. And then we were off again in close convoy with a person designated as a gate opener and and another as a gate closer - onwards and upwards over the hills on the narrow single track gated road to Ingleton. The clouds/mist required headlights as the vis was quite poor.

A final chat and a big thank you to Malcolm for organising a grand day out. Jenni presented him with the now traditional bottle and then we went our seperate ways home. As I approached Skipton the clouds lited and I finally arrived back in Leeds in evening sunshine only to be told "it's been nice and sunny all day here - you must have had a great day" - well I did but t wasn't sunny!.

Perhaps next year Malcolm might consider making the pre Tan Hill section a bit longer - there's no shortage of fantastic countryside to appreciate.

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