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Restoring #70

Roger Garland

Roger e-mailed about his work on his car. He bought the car from Ralph Columbo. The car was built for Ralph but there were a number of mechanical problems with the original build.

Hi David

Some up to date snaps of my car which now sports an 800cc motor, the original 1000cc motor being partially seized. It now runs much more sweetly.

By the way, chassis 61 is no longer with Eric Farrelly. I think he shipped it to the USA a few months back


Hi David,

Back last Winter I set myself the challenge of getting the car running reliably. After a Summer of sorting all sorts of issues I can say that for the first time in my 2 year ownership the car is running right, but this has only happened in the last week. I haven't done any long runs in it ever although I may possibly try and take it to the workshop weekend next month. In fact in its 10 year life I don't believe that it has covered any significant mileage because some of the issues I found would have prevented that. This is the long way of answering your question about the 10,000 foot run. I simply haven't done enough untroubled miles yet to be confident that I would get there. Add in a lack of appropriate weather gear on my part and the answer is a "No" as far as this year is concerned. Next year is more likely.

On a different subject I believe I read somewhere that you wrapped your steering wheel with string and then boiled it, presumably to shrink the string into place. Did that work? My own wheel has a string covering but the end keeps coming loose so I need to re-do it at some point and I am wondering about the best method.

The item Roger is refering to is EPAG #43 Ediorial The Editor.

The photos I sent were for the magazine, but presumably they could also go into the gallery. Ralph Colombo's pictures that were there seem to have disappeared at some point



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