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During the planning of my Super Sport, I decided to use the Solex carburettor as it had no known defects and there had been one or two favourable reports on its use.

My experience over the last two years of use has vindicated my decision as the unit has performed well during that time.

However, the detail work required to accomplish this installation exceeded my expectations.

In order to maintain the normal bonnet line, the carburettor needed to be moved to the rear of its normal position. This meant that it was turned through 180° to allow the inlet manifold to connect with the new intake stubs.

Fortunately, there is sufficient space behind the starter motor and the gearbox lever to allow this new position.

I intended to use the original manifold, cut down, as it has a mounting for the carburettor. The exhaust tracts of the manifold were cut off at the hotspot and discarded because the new Pembleton exhaust manifold is attached to the cylinder heads. The inlet elements of the old manifold were shortened to align approximately with the cylinder heads.

The modified manifold required a new mounting to be fabricated to install the carburettor over the gearbox.

Turning the carburettor through 180° meant that the controls were facing in the opposite direction so new operating levers were fabricated to do this. I spent some time with calculation and cardboard templates before arriving at a satisfactory solution. The end result is that there is a short friction free cable from the throttle pedal to the new lever. This lever assembly is attached to the front 2 studs of the carburettor mounting flange.

The manifold is connected to the inlet stubs by the use of 38mm copper tube and short lengths of silicone hose.

A copper pipe conveys fuel from the original pump to the carburettor with flexible hose connecting the ends of the pipe.

In two years of use, this modification has been trouble free. Due to the geometry of the new lever assembly, the operation of the throttle is very progressive. The run of the fuel supply under the balance pipe has not resulted in a vapour lock even though neither is insulated.

Fuel consumption is about 45 MPG although the engine is running on the rich side.

Mike Bowden.

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