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Stuart's progress

Well progress has been good over the last few weeks. It seemed that months passed when all I did was put the floor in, take the floor out / put the bulkhead in, take the bulkhead out. I thought that I would never make any real progress, but all the time spent measuring, tweaking and plotting out rivet holes was well invested since when it came to permanent installation of the floor, there were no dramas and everything went together in the dandiest of fashions. One tip to those who haven't put their floors in yet, following a chance conversation with Phil, is to put the floor in and then chock it up as high as you can. Once it's chocked that's when you start applying the Sikaflex. Thereafter you can gently lower the floor onto the adhesive. Now you seasoned car builders may have already come to this realisation, but my intention was to deploy the sticky stuff and then put the floor in. I can only imagine the mess that would've ensued.

Once the floor was in it was time for engine and gear box. Mating the two together was a pig of a job, I knew that the new clutch was properly aligned but it just wasn't playing. I think it was due to the weight and my fairly diminutive stature making it difficult to get the studs and clutch lined up at the same time. My solution was to remove one of the studs, attach the engine to the gear box and then put the stud back in. It seemed to make the initial alignment less critical, and worked well for me. Another tip; this time pinched from Andy Ferguson.

Since then I've refurbished and installed both drive shafts. Strong fingers help greatly when trying to fit the gaiters. I'm sure that there's probably a special Citroen tool, but fingers and patience work eventually.

Some problems that I've encountered -

Having fitted my alternator, the belt appears to be too short. Either that or the bracket is too long. Using the bracket as supplied and the standard length belt the alternator is pulled up very close to the underside of the nearside cylinder head and oil line. So that's one for me to ponder.

Also there is some play in the front wheels that on a "normal" car would seem to suggest new wheel bearings were required. Having said that I've yet to torque up the hub nuts, so that might be the issue.

I am, as you may know, a member of the "I'll just have one carburettor thank you" club so have pinched George's intake manifold solution and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Also similarly to George I've opted for the Lomax air filter.

Outside of Pembletoneering, I've recently refurbished an old Strand Pattern 23 theatre light since Karen is keen to go with the "loft" style of interior design. The light was an eBay bargain, and I have an old surveyors tripod found at the Beaulieu Autojumble to mount it on.

Best regards

Stu (aka Ratchet)

ps - Don't have a name for my Brooklands yet but I'm thinking of calling her Maude or perhaps Amelie.

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