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Mark Saperstein send this short note following on from Robin's article on his bender sheet metal in ePAG50

this seemed to work well for me.

table frame built up from 4X4" fence posts and 2x4" studs.

folding apparatus uses 2 each of 3x3" angle iron 5' long. one is used as the active "folder" and the other is clamped solidly down, using large C clamps, exactly at the folding line onto the sheet to be folded.

the handle to rotate the active angle iron is a 3' long 1" square tube bolted to the middle of the moving angle iron (see photo ).

N.B. it seemed always beneficial to anneal the aluminium ( using a rubbing of household bar soap as heat indicator )before bending. the active iron is mounted to a full length ( 5') piano hinge which is also fixed to the the front face of the table with wood screws spaced every 4 inches.

I did not experience any flex in the middle.

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