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We had a mass attack by Russians successfully registering as members to the forum. They managed to prevent me gaining access to the forum as administrator. Callum came to the rescue and installed a later version of the phpBB software which runs the forum. The intruders have been repelled (for now!).

In an attempt to prevent this happening again I am only allowing people to join who give a valid e-mail address and they must respond to an e-mail from me. I'l also require something about where they live and their interests. If they fail to satisfy me as to their bona fides then they won't be permitted to join.

There are a number of people who had joined some time prior to the invasion who have never posted or looked at the site since so I'll get rid of them unless people give me a good reason not to.

I've also tightened up on the questions to prevent automated registrations - I hope it doesn't prevent real people joining!

I've put a facility to syndicate the website. If you have an aggregator, such as FeedDemon or a similar program, running on your computer and you have registered the Pembleton website you should be notified of any significant changes to the website. It's still slightly experimental - i.e. I'm not sure it works properly but we can but hope!

I get quite a number of e-mails via the website and also, because I have signed up to various companies, get their newsletters. Some are of interest to Pembleton builders and owners. I got one from Burton, a Dutch 2CV company, supply pattern parts as well as the lovely Burton sports car - see Highland Classic Motor Club newsletter for a picture of Callum Beveridge's car as a good example of a Burton. They also sell improved parts for 2CVs. The blurb says

A1.4456 Oil filler revision kit NEW. A broken oil filler often results in a leaking engine. Many different new fillers are for sale but none of them meet original quality. We think we found the solution by restoring the original filler unit with a kit of rubber seals and a neat nut system to close it up. Check out the video that explains it all. The set price is 49,95 euro.

Bob Gilpatrick is installing a fuel injected Breva (a small block Moto Guzzi) in his car. He sent me some pictures of the front mudguard which move with the wheels - looks very neat.

I got these e-mails with links to some pictures of some interesting cars including a Pembleton from Mark Saperstein. The first - scroll down over half way to find his car

Hi David,
I have no idea who this photographer is, but I do know the company he has me in.. the MG TC shown is the Al Moss ( Moss Motors ) TC my late dear friend.
all the best,
F3mickey in Phoenix

and the second e-mail

dear friends, we had a nice day out this last weekend at a rallye put on by the local Morgan dealership and thought you might enjoy a glimpse. As you can see here, our Pembleton Grasshopper SS, "Calliope " seems to have gotten the photographer's attention . wishing you all the best, mickey on Facebook

Chris King build an electric powered Pembleton and he wrote an article in ePAG #44 which was was featured as a readers car in Complete Kit Car - October 2013

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