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Footwell locker

An e-mail from Jim Hodgkinson

Hi David,
Please find attached photos of foot rest I have built. I don't know why but there is a lot of leg room in the Pembleton even I at 6 foot can just put my feet on the bulkhead. After fitting the foot rest I tried it out and the seating position for the passenger has a nice feel now. I started to build the foot rest last week by making a card template. I then made some 19 mm thick MDF formers to bend the curved bends to fit the sides. It was just trial and error really. Once the aluminium box was made I covered it with aluminium checker plate and fitted a little door. The locker it creates is small but I am sure will be useful. The job cost me practically nothing the ali was given to me and I only used a handful of pop rivets, even the lock was something I had stuck in a drawer. Anyway I am happy with the final result. The only downside was trying to get under the dash to drill and rivet the thing in.
Anyway I am only happy when I am knocking something up in the garage and I hope it gives other Pembletoniers food for thought.
Regards JIM

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