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As a result of problems with the rear spring dropping at an angle I decided it was time to get this sorted out. I had tried to turn it and re set it but a soon as I put any weight on the rear of the car or bounced it there was a bang and the spring once again dropped. I stood there for a while scratching my head and made a decision to cut out the floor above the hanger and try to work out what was going wrong. Yes I know a bit drastic but I was so frustrated that personally I thought it was the answer and aluminium is a forgiving material so a removable patch would aid servicing in the future. It was out with the drill and jigsaw. I cut a large piece hole out of the floor cleaned it up and then made my examination. Straight away I could see that the welds had failed and that the 2x1 box section had collapsed back causing the hanger to bend down although slightly it was enough to make the spring fall down. I got out my Manchester screwdriver (hammer) and tried to bend the hanger back to its normal position it was then that I could see that the weld had cracked more than I thought. What to do!!!!

I decided to beef up the hanger and also the piece of steel that holds the dampers. I also decided rather than weld this into place I would make it removable using 6mm bolts and locking nuts.

Off I went to my friendly engineering workshop on seeing me I heard the whisper he's here again they tried to hide but I found them. After a bit of a chat and drawing them into the question of how's the car it was my queue ' well I said it's funny you should say that but I'm after a few scraps of steel to make a spring hanger' go and have a look in the scrap bin' was the reply eventually I came away with a piece of 4inch steam pipe and a lot of offcuts of all lengths and sizes the chap was so nice that he opened the workshop door for me. I am sure I heard him lock it.

I went home armed with the bits I needed with a little smile on my face all I had to do now was to stick all my newly acquired treasure together and get littleblue up and running. After contacting the forum I was advised by Mike Meakin to up rate the spring on the rear after a few phone calls I rang ECAS who despatched an uprated spring. The next evening it was in my hands, fantastic service!. I cut a piece of the 4inch steam pipe which was 1½ inch long and used my little anvil to straighten the sides into a horseshoe shape matching the original hanger easy and the pipe was a perfect diameter for the spring. I then made up an open top section from flat bar about 7 inches long which I clamped to a 2x1 section when welded together this was then slide onto the chassis beam which I had previously ground of the spring hanger and damper support. I then clamped a further piece of flat bar onto the in the same place as the support bar for the damper and tacked this into place. I had a few small pieces of angle iron and used one as reinforcement to be bolted into the main longitudle beam running front to back of the chassis. I then welded on the spring hanger and drilled some hole for bolts. Sounds complicated until you see the photo attached.

All that was left now was to give the bracket a quick paint job.

Fitting was straight forward replaced the floor which I bolted in and sealed so that it could be removed for servicing. In I jumped she sat a bit high at the rear but the suspension felt 100% better. I then took her for a run she was a different car. She just felt more solid on the road. That was it decision made got back and ordered up rated springs for the front which by the time you will read this will be fitted.

My confidence in the car has grown now and I am happy with my new hanger. I should say here that many of the Pembletons on the road have been running happily with the original rear spring hanger set up it is just a personal chose that I decided to change this but in saying this it may be worth a little check to see if the chassis member has not been deformed and the welds are okay.

Jim Hodgkinson

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