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Hi David,

Update below for next ePag....

Having just returned from Duncan's weekend workshop I was in high spirits and keen to get on with my build. I decided that the first job would be an investigative peek to establish the cause of my oily offside spark plug. My thoughts were that I would probably be replacing valve stem seals and checking that all was well with the piston rings. It was sadly much worse....

Upon dismantling and removing the head it became apparent that I'd committed the cardinal sin of not ensuring correct installation of my push rod tubes prior to tightening down the head. Sadly it's not just a little ding that can be straightened out... I've done a proper job of it.

Having phoned around my list of 2CV Specialists nobody seems to have the necessary tooling to replace the knackered tube. It looks like I might be sourcing a good second hand head and using my old one to make an interesting table lamp.

Oh well, onward and upward... plenty of other jobs to do.


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