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The Covering of Avon Flyer - Part 2


Alan Percivall

Once the vinyl had been allowed to 'settle' for a few days I started the process of trimming the vinyl to shape and fixing it to the edges of the bodywork. The edges to the underside and rear were comparatively easy, I simply cut the vinyl to allow some wraparound, glued to the bodywork and secured with vinyl steel reinforced U edge trim. As long as the edges are kept tight whilst doing this it the trim can be tapped on to give a firm fitting.

Here you can see the bottom edge running under the body skirt (the vinyl is secured to the reveal) and the rear edge where the spare wheel fits. The light pod was fitted to give me a position for the alloy strip that was added later.

Here is the vinyl at the front lower edge of the trike.

The next job was to fit the cockpit edge trim. I had bought some bus wheel edge trim from a company in Scotland that exactly met my needs for a 3.2mm channel in the U extrusion. I needed this gap to accept the 1.2mm body panel plus the slightly more than 2mm thickness of the wrapped over vinyl. I had shaped the edge trim to fit and again it was simply (?) a matter of guiding it over the edge and trimming excess.

This is the formed edge channelling just prior to fitting and .........

the trim in place. It would later be secured with raised head countersunk machine screws.

The passenger side of the scuttle was treated similarly.

The reason it did not extend to the driver's side is that I am going to fit a flared cowl to help take some wind away from the steering wheel. I understand hands can become mighty cold with no wind defector.

The next stage was to secure the edges of the vinyl to the flat parts of the bodywork. I bought some 19mm D (or rather a slight C) shaped aluminium strip from Woolies and proceeded to cut and attach the various bits. This was straightforward except for the strip that ran over the scuttle. I had wanted to run it such that it abutted the rear of the bonnet but Sod's Law dictates that the place that the machine screws would fix the strip to the bodywork would be the exact position of the edge of the dash beneath. So it had to be moved forward 5mm or so which means it now runs slightly under the rear bonnet edge. I can live with it. Some pictures of the completed trimming.

The escutcheon for the seat belt exit was fitted together with the fuel filler by simply cutting out the holes in the vinyl to complete.

The next step is to fit the arm rests - but that's another story.

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