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Breva 750 engine conversion

The engine conversion of my Supersports just culminated in success in the last few days. This is a preliminary report just to show that maybe a fuel injected small block engine IS an option to replace the stock Citroen 602 engine.

I'm not going to dwell on the details in this report as the full story will probably require several episodes to tell the whole story.

The parked converted car after the first test drive.

The parked converted car after the first test drive.

Right side of Breva engine installation showing voltage regulator and extended intake tubes from throttle body to intake manifold.

I have used the original Breva instrument cluster. Most of the idiot lights are functional. I like the way the speedometer and tachometer look and work. They are very easy to read.

Showing the left side of the Breva engine where the fuel pressure regulator is located.

This is a picture of my home-made engine oil breather device. Works like the 2CV remiflard.

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