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Green fuel

I've neglected the Alvis of late - for various reasons, I've declared it SORN since 2011 and not actually fired it up for about a year. Recently, I decided to check it over and run it up. It wouldn't start but disturbingly, produced a smell reminiscent of "Grandad's Paint Shed". The fuel had "gone off". I have now to organise completely draining the tank - not an easy task as it has to be pumped out. The fuel pump is mechanical and each stroke of the pump produces a spoonful of fuel, so using that will be like emptying a bath with a teaspoon - the gauge registers around 8 gallons of super-unleaded. Having drained some off I was amazed to find it was bright green!

Local recycling centres have facilities for disposing of engine oil, paint, cooking oil and sundry "hazardous liquids", but not stale fuel. It is still as flammable and in all, I don't know how I can get rid of it!

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