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I got this e-mail from Ray Westwood


This is the email I received with the drawing. It is from the artist himself, Ron is a Morgan restorer who lives and works in the US.


Ray W

From: ron garner <>

Date: 24 July 2014 20:32:40 GMT+01:00


Subject: [MOG-group] AERO CUTOUT


At MogWest last week Tim Waller had a paper cutout of a barrel-back super sport. That prompted me to dig through the files and find the original drawing that inspired many subsequent knock-offs (by Larry Ayers and others). It was first published in the MTWC USA newsletter in 1980. Enjoy.

ron garner

hull, ma, usa

I contacted the author to ask his permission to reproduce the picture and he agreed but he added the following

The original drawing is missing. All I have is the attached JPEG scanned from a published version. At 1mb it should suffice. Only just noticed that I never annotated how the wings attach; leaves a little room for individual creativity.

The drawing seems a bit like the build manual for a Pembleton!

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