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I'm sorry about the delay in getting this newsletter out. I went on holiday - sailing in the Cyclades in Greece. After that I was in Yorkshire for Le Grand Depart which showed Yorkshire at its best. We had two glorious days of sunshine to show the world what it can be like oop north!

I had a bit of excitement on the Sunday when I attempted to drive in Quicksilver towards Sheffield to see the latter part of the second stage and also meet up with my sister. Disaster struck! I was about to merge onto the slip road to join M621 at J4/5 when the engine died at the last set of lights. I checked fuel at the carbs by pulling off the hose and there was plenty of fuel. I didn't fancy checking if the pump was working as petrol on hot exhausts seemed to be a bad idea. The long and the short of it was I called the AA who turned up and diagnosed a defective fuel pump. His dolly was too high (or my sump too low) to tow me away so I waited for the truck to come. I had the embarrasment of arriving back home on a breakdown truck. I'd planned to drive to Limerick on the following Wednesday but despite googling couldn't get a pump in time so we returned home without the 'hopper.

Earlier in the year I went to the Isle of Man to visit family. It was my first trip to the island and I was very impressed. It has a slighly old fashioned air (I don't mean that in a prejorative way) and the above photo might suggest the place is in a time warp. They were preparing for the TT and it seems incredible the average speed (131.671mph) they clock up on the mountain circuit. I wouldn't dare doing half their average speed on long sections of the road. It could made a good venue for a Pembleton meet but a tad expensive taking a vehicle over on the ferry.

I found a video clip of a seriously big V twin - well worth watching and maybe it will inspire someone to pop one into a Pembleton?

I received a number of e-mails - these might be of interest

Hi David

Is the following too late for the next EPAG?

At last seemed to have sorted the fuel supply problems on my Pembleton Guzzi T5 chassis 295 having tried various options; chassis had various mods - suspension springs/mudgard stays/rear chassis loops/seat belt supports strengthened; so will be going to Hebden Bridge vintage weekend on Saturday Aug 2nd - are you?

Enclosed is a photo of her pre-registration; also photo of Pembleton Guzzi but Citreon/BMW available teeshirt printed in silver or gold lettering available at £12.50 plus postage state size - could be brought to H-B w/e if ordered in time. Email order to and send cheque to 4 The Lindens Keighley BD20 6HJ

Regards Alan

I received this from Colin Wilson

Hello David

I have given up work in the desert so am full time car building. Home for 6 weeks already but distracted !

I tried the magic number to get on the forum while away but with one thing and another never got it working would you please be so kind as to send me a password ( and clues ) and I hope to contribute to the forum + should have something to contribute to the ePAG newsletter by the time you have mastered the Mediterranean.

Picture attached of Me & Mrs W in The Scottish malts at the beginning of the month so I have been busy

Best Regards - Colin W

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