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North Yorkshire Moors Fun Run 2014

I'd been looking forward to this run for some time having missed previous runs, for various reasons, especially since I had completed Quicksilver. I went on one some while back as a passenger in Tom Rae's Snotamog but now was the chance to see the Moors in all their glory in my own car. Sam and Duncan had modified the original route used by Spike Stephenson and claimed it was even better - let's see if that was true.

The weather forecast for Saturday 26 April looked less and less promising with heavy rain predicted for the early morning. I prepared for the worst and decided to set off before the rain arrived but failed! It started raining quite heavily in Leeds when I set off but by the time I reached Weatherby I had outrun the weather front and could see what looked like clear skies to the north and east which was the direction I was travelling. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as they say.

The journey from Weatherby to Thirk is much more pleasant if one avoids the A1(M) by going on the A188 which was the old A1. From Thrisk the run to Sutton Bank and on to Helmsley was dry but a bit grey. The scenery along the A170 is splendid with pretty villages and views of the edge and views from the edge.

I arrived at Beadlam Grange Farm Shop which was the start of the run and because I was early I sat the the yard reading the newspaper. I didn't notice any other arrivals, that shows how quiet their cars are - mine would wake the dead, until George tapped me on the shoulder and said the rest were upstairs. We waited for any further drivers but none turned up.

The rain had just started so we donned our waterproofs ready for the 'off' with George in his very new and shiney Valentine, Sam, Duncan in Silver Surfer and me in Quicksilver

We wended our way, travelling roughly north, through lovely countryside with pictureque villages. The plan was to eat at the Lion Inn. We ran into mist or low cloud thick enough to need fog lamps as we approached the lunch stop. We all tucked into full plates of grub and sampled their beers. Conclusion - good!

After lunch the weather had improved with no mist or rain to spoil the rest of the day. Our route encompassed a number of very steep hills including Rosedale Chimney. At the top of Rosedale we regrouped and while chatting in the layby saw a number of 1930/40/50/60s classic sports cars obviously on a rally or run.

The run finished at Beadlam Grange Farm Shop and after a tea and buns we went our separate ways. A great day was had by all - such a pity there were so few to enjoy a grand day out.

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