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Build report

Hi All, The build is still moving forward, albeit at the pace of a particularly lazy snail.

The crushed push rod tube catastrophe is now firmly in the past and engine wise all is good.

I've installed an old Morris Minor speedo found on eBay for somewhere in the region of £5 and now need to get in touch with speedy cables or similar to have an appropriate cable manufactured. Also need to find a supplier of the correct bulb holders for the Morris / Smiths speedo.

Electrical work continues ... I've gone with the CBS modular wiring system and have found it fairly straight forward thus far. If I were starting from scratch however I'd probably build the entire loom from scratch and benefit from a little more flexibility.

Rear floor is now permanently fixed in place complete with access hatch for fuel gauge sender etc.

Headlights and indicators now in place on aluminium brackets.

Next on the list is centralising the rear brake shoes - and I still have to sort out the bearing / kingpin issue on my front nearside wheel.

That's all for now folks ... hope you are all making good progress.


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