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I'm sorry about the delay in getting this newsletter out. My excuse for the delay was waiting for articles. I planned to get an account of the German Three Wheeler Meet into this issue and had to wait for pictures from Germany. I also hoped to get a bit more material but I haven't received much else since September.

The forum seems to be attracting a steady trickle of new members without (so far!) any problem registrations by robots and spammers. The procedure requires answering a question for which 'google' (or similar) doesn't find the right answer and once they register I e-mail them with their given e-mail address asking them for some indication they are a real person. I ask for a rough location, their interests and how they found the website/forum. Once I get an answer they have moderated access to the forum. This seems to work except - there's always an exception - for one individual who replied to my initial e-mail but queried my asking 'inane in the extreme' [Oxford English dictionary: inane - silly, senseless] questions despite having explained the reason. He then changed his mind about joining a 'creepy' organisation such as ours. He was attempting to buy #53 but pulled out because of either my 'inane' questions or the 'creepiness' of pembleton forum members or perhaps both. I didn't bother to reply. There's now't so queer as folk!

There are a couple more cars on the road and I've added some pictures of the completed cars, #200 and #333, to the website. If/when people complete their cars I'm more than happy to publish them on the website to encourage all those unfinished car builders to complete their build.

The trike was built by Jan, the driver, of the VW bus that acted as tail end charlie on the Bad Malente tour. There's the manufacturer's website (Google 'alleweder') which gives lots of information on the vehicle. I wasn't sure how one gets in or out of it but I'd guess it's by stepping in and sliding down.

Thekla e-mailed me with a bit more information about the build

Jan built the trike himself, at home in our garage, with the instructions partly indecifrable and mostly written in dutch words, as the original kit had come from holland. it came with all the chances and risks a kit which seems under constant development and improvement could possibly have - jan kept on making ends fit no end, adding and guessing bits and pieces here and there, just like in the real builders' world, having fun for about 2 years and getting his dutch fit to a considerable level with regards to technical means :-). if you google the keyword of alleweder, you'll find the whole community, each bike featuring as much individualism as possible ;-)

It does sound rather like building a Pembleton from the manual!

I wonder if one could modify it to have a small engine and get it on the road - it would be something very different to a Pembleton. Jan, Thekla and Sasha took loads of pictures and far too many to put onto this website. There are movie clips as well but again far to big to put here. I'll have to learn about youtube and Flikr and use them for this sort of thing.

Because Freddy, one of the organisers of the German three wheel meet, had put some pictures onto Flikr and after I'd looke at them I did a search for 'Pembleton' and found a lot of images including one of my car Quicksilver at Elvington Air Museum. There were a number of Pembleton with Franch plates and a few with UK plates that I didn't recognise.

Mike Meakin has been in contact with David Wiiliams in Nova Scotia who build a Pembleton many years ago and still has it. He sent some pictures of the car which looks great. I wish I coulld keep mine as shiney! I've added pictures the the Owners Car section of the website.

Duncan's weekend workshop seems to have become a fixture in the Pembleton calendar. I went on the Saturday and joined in the metal bashing session. It's a great way to meet people in the real world rather than just as names on the website.

I was unpopular on the German trip because of the loud exhaust note. I was asked to go to the rear of the convoy just ahead of Bill who wore ear plugs. When I returned to Leeds I bought some VW tail pipes and, using stainless pop rivets, fixed them into the rear 'silencers'. On the trip up to Shildon for the vintage meet I did find the noise was reduced. Duncan, the main complainer, said it sounded a bit quieter so I must be heading in the right direction. The carbs need the idle readjusting as the engine tends to die so there must be a bit more back pressure. They also need balancing so I turned some brass whatnots to attach tubes from the manometer to the carbs so I have everything ready I just have to do it! Duncan offered to give me a hand.

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