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Hebden Vintage Festival

Myself, Sam (Sambike) and Alan (Flat twin) attended the Rally at Hebden Bridge. On route we called in to see Duncan who made us a coffee and told us how bad the weather would be and was he right oh yes!

We took the Otley route that was nice route and arrived at approx 11.30hrs we were parked next to a range of 3 wheelers, 1 Pembleton, a JZR and a DKW or was it a DKR anyway it was renault based 3 wheeler with an interesting hard/soft top roof arrangement. We dream about having a roof!

A good selection of cars overall however all the judges seemed to know the prize winners by their first names and thanked them for their continued support. We were beaten by the JZR but the owner never stayed for the prize ceremony. (to be honest it was a puny little thing)

So the ride back was interesting I was flogging along with Sam following probably on tick over, we did however reach 70+ mph (and I still had some left but not much) I was impressed with the handling and ride quality, it was also quite comfortable for a round trip of 180 miles.

So get those Pembletons on the road soon.



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