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Build report #314

Hi All, I have now moved on to putting the skin on my Brooklands. I spent many days measuring and re-measuring and many nights staring at the ceiling wondering if I needed to measure again. In the end I couldn't put it off any longer so I took a deep breath and started attaching things. I would say that on the whole it was less difficult than I had expected. An assistant would have been handy, but despite having had to wrestle it all together single handed I'm pretty pleased with how it's gone. There are some bits that aren't absolutely spot on but I reckon that most will be invisible to the untrained eye. I did get a crease in the rear top panel where it rivets onto the rearmost hoop. I think perhaps I should've left the adhesive longer to cure before fully pulling the rivets. I'm at peace with the crease however, I'm going to call it character rather than a mistake.

Hope you are all forging forward.


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