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I was getting worried about this newsletter as I hadn't received much at the start of the year. A cry for help resulted in a number of articles that I hope people find interesting.

Dave Parr aka Slverfish sent me a couple of links to video clips that were taken on the recent Tom's Tour to Germany. A full account of the trip is in ePAG #54. The clips, which are on Dropbox, are of our excursion on the transporter bridge and can be found here and here.

My niece spent Christmas with us and wanted a trip in Quicksilver. The weather was dry and mild with no salt on the road so I was happy enough to take her for a short spin around Leeds. She enjoyed the trip and of course took a few 'selfies'

The chassis regster has been changed. I've included a few more details of the cars. Could people have a look and let me know of any additions/deletions/corrections required. I'm sure there must be many more cars that are traceable.

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