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Diary of a novice Pembletoneer

In July 2014 I first started looking seriously at building a car. However, as my practical experience extended about as far as changing the grass bag on my lawnmower, I arranged to meet two charming gentlemen with Pembletons in Norfolk whose modesty and encouragement completely beguiled me into believing I could accomplish this project with ease.

I have since come to learn that Messrs Meakin and Walker have forgotten more about cars (and bikes) than I will ever know and are the elder statesmen and supremos of the Pembleton building fraternity.

So here I am 6 months later with as many miles, emails and rivets under my belt (about 1000 of each) with a rolling chassis on the floor of my garage, and up to my neck in parts, wiring, paper templates and tools I never knew existed and only have the vaguest idea of how to use. (My favourite is the Joggler, with the Fluting tool a close second).

I am writing this not as a serious diary of my trials and tribulations to date, but as a tribute to the most fantastically supportive group of people (most of whom I have never met) but who provide me through the forum and emails with advice and support necessary to embark upon this endeavour.

So what have been the surprises/highlights/challenges so far?

As 50-70 year old, going on 15-25 – I can live with that. And I'll tell you something else - the lawnmower is in for a hell of a surprise next Spring.

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