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TKC magazine (March/April 2015) has a review of the latest from Pembleton HQ. I'll add a copy to of the article to the Pembletons in Print section when this edition is no long current.

There are a number of interesting points that are noteworthy, the first being the built version, made one of Phil's sons, and the other are detail changes including a raised bonnet line.

Mike took a couple of pictures when he was there in August.

One point that occurred to me was the testing regime at VOSA or whatever they are called nowadays. The easiest route is the amateur built car and any other type of build means the rules change and are more difficult to get a successful pass. There are articles in past issues of CKC on buying a part-built car and unless the previous work can be shown to be carried out by an amateur the part built car would have to be taken back to the beginning again.

Hi David,

Forum posts and magazine article mention prompt this message.

Last August I went with Martin Cartwright to collect his rolling chassis purchase. While in the area, we dropped in to Bayton where we saw one of the latest cars built by one of Phil G’s sons. I only had my mobile phone with me and lighting conditions were dreadful (overcast and rainy) so the image quality is poor, but there are some interesting features of this small-block Guzzi, Super Sports. You might be able to use the images in the next EPG, unless some better images appear? The images are too big for the Forum and shrinking them down would reduce the quality yet further.

Note the "skinny" front wheels and guards to suit – I didn’t check whether the guards were fixed or "turn-with-the-wheels". The rear top and bullet tail obviously have a "joggled" join – the lack of visible rivets is a very interesting feature, as are the rear "straked, rocket tube nacelles" carrying the rear lights.



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