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Not a great deal of progress since the last ePAG but I am getting there.

The bonnet straps are now fitted and look a treat (well I think so anyway) and I've taken delivery of some Le Patron style mudguard brackets. The brackets are fitted; mating them to PMC mudguards is proving slightly awkward but should be all sorted tomorrow.

I really struggled with stamping my chassis number and thought that my stamping technique was at fault but it turned out that my Hilka stamps were not up to the job. Borrowed a Tool-Zone set from Andy Ferguson and suddenly a difficult job became very easy.

You will notice from the photos that my exhaust manifold is cocking one leg. That's due to the sudden and unexpected surrender of an exhaust manifold stud. I cursed loudly as you might imagine. I'll be removing the offside head (again) later this week to get that sorted out.

I think I'm actually getting close to a finished car - I'm certainly very close to a test drive. I guess it's that time in the build that I've often heard mentioned on the forum "95% done 50% left to do"

Stu (aka Ratchet)

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