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The Way Forward?


Colin Wilson

I thought I would write a few lines non Pembleton but 2CV related. I finshed the Jaqpot last November all bar the teething troubles and I hit the boredom wall, I gave up work ( for the foreseeable future. In April and in the same month Jacqui and I went off to do the Scottish Malts Hero classic rally event in Glorious Scotland, 6 days of full on navigation and speed tests a good introduction back to marriage after years of living in a shed in the Middle East(!) and rushing home for a couple of weeks shed work/ leave.

Time moves on and Daughter Katie is now 14 andd on the cusp of GCSE's. At 69 I am little help to her having being off the afternoon they did English. Any way we have called time on Mummy and Daddy clearing off to do motoring events so we do the Classic Marathon in Italy this June and are allowed the much looked forward to German weekend and shorter trips only by negotiation and that's it

So new openings are reqiured I tried the Austin 7 route but suitable opportunity's are not forthcoming either to expensive or no V5 so I came across a barn find 2CV took it to bit's with the half a dozen tools you need and was taken by the clever simple build of these little cars. Spotted that 2CV's were racing at Cadwell so decided to have a look to learn more.

The racing is good clean white knuckle stuff with the odd unintended paint exchange so decided that will do for me it's a thing that we the family can all attend won't interupt the schooling or have to leave the child with trusted friends and gives me the needed work through the winter months preparing the thing.

So I have bought a used, prepared 2CV. Not prepared as I would like but with work it will be ready for next years events. 5 Meetings a year at different circuits culminating in a 24 hour race in Wales. To push me along in the right direction I went along to a track day at Cadwell and did the ARDS test which allows you to apply for a licence. Basically the test is to prove you have done your homework and basic trackcraft so you don't hurt yourself and those around you. It lasts 12 months so is good get the licence next year. Having left skin on most corners in my motorcycle life long ago the test was straightforward with all the answers in the DVD you get with the application pack. though 14 different questions about flag's was a memory test for the aged mind

The interesting bit is I will need other another driver driver's for th24 hour race and practice/ other races so if any one is interested opprtunity is knocking for anyone with the will. Obviously there is logisitcs in this but all being well that's my plan.

Regards, Colin

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