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Maude passes MSVA


Stuart Budd

I had been watching the weather reports for the week leading up to my MSVA test on 14th May. In my experience weather forecasts are a bit hit or miss... not this one. Wednesday glorious sunshine, Friday glorious sunshine, Thursday (test day) biblical monsoon. The words of Olga the Eastern European lady from work echoed mockingly .... "Vy you vonn to drive bucket? !!!" ... perhaps I should drill some drainage holes in the foot wells...

Andy F arrived early to provide back up and Vincent H met us both on site at Yeading VOSA station. Thankfully the weather held for the drive to Yeading. We arrived dry at 08:25 with 5 minutes to spare and I reported to reception. I was asked to wait in lane 1 with my car and dutifully did just that.

As has been previously reported the tester was a very fair and reasonable chap. Mine was the third Brooklands that he'd seen and since I knew both of his previous victims I had a fair idea of what his main areas of focus were likely to be. There were a couple of issues highlighted during the test which called for some on site tweaking while the tester retired for a well earned tea break.

Those 3 items aside I'm happy to report that Maude was given a clean bill of health. The Minister's Approval Certificate was duly issued, leading to a toothy grin and much shaking of hands.

Points to note for future users of Yeading test centre are that Yeading does require seat belt triangulation. It also requires the provision of a car specific dyno print out if you're pursuing the "Brooklands Heavy Quad" approach. There's no need for a print out from a public weighbridge since they have one of their own and they do accept that pre-1993 engines do not require an emissions test (other than the visible smoke observation test)

The drive home was rather moist. I have discovered that you have two options in heavy rain. You can drive slowly but your goggles steam up, or you can drive quickly which aids in seeing where you're going but turns rain drops into tiny little sharp pins that poke you in the face. I'f I am to continue venturing out in inclement weather I'll need to invest in some more modern kit rather than WWII style pilots goggles.

Current status is that the DVLA forms have been sent and I'm waiting for my V5C to arrive.

Jobs on the post MSVA list:

It does appear to be the case that a Pembleton is never finished.

All the best and a happy summer's driving to you all.

Stu (Ratchet)

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