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NYMR 2015


David Tocher

If it's spring then it must be time to polish Quicksilver for its first event of the Pembleton calender - the North York Moors Run. Asking on the forum about possible dates got things started. Duncan and Sam had modified the original route created by Spike Stephenson some years back and had taken on the organisation of the run.

The day dawned and the weather looked promising - no rain but a tad cold for a wimp like me - never mind - on with lots of layers and I set off from Leeds with pleanty of time. I avoid the M1/A1(M) route and take the old A1 now called A19. It's far more pleasant with little traffic. The run up to Beadlam Farm shop, our usual starting point, took me up Sutton Bank which is always a nice hill to climb.

I arrived in good time and joined the even earlier arrivals. Colin and family arrived in Jaqpot and a Triumph sports car. I confess not knowing the model! Colin was having charging problems - a duff alternator? - and he abandoned the trip. As a consequence our numbers were well down with only Sam, Tony, who drove up from Norfolk, in his Triking and myself as the only drivers. A pity as it's a great part of the country with lots of pretty valleys, moorland and pubs!

north york moors run
north york moors run
north york moors run

We set off on a tour of the western side of the moors. Sam took us on a diversion which involved driving through one of the longest fords I have ever seen - the stream joins the road for about 50m or more before departing the the road on its way to the sea.

A lunch stop at the Lion Inn which, at an elevation of 1,325 feet in the North York Moors National Park, is a rustic 16th-century pub with views over the valleys of Rosedale and Farndale. After a long lunch break we set off for the return to our starting point. We were forced to climb Rosedale Chimney which I find a tad difficult as some of the sharp bends force me to slow down and then change down.

A final tea and csake at the farm shop and the NYMR 2015 was over - I had a pleasant return to Leeds in the sunshine. A great time was had by all - perhaps more people will make the effort next year as it's well worthwhile coming along. Maybe the relatively short notice of the date of the evnt was the problem - who knows.

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