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New wings for my Supersport


Rob Andrew

Over the last many months, I've been deciding that I'd do several things with the Pembleton (of course the best laid plans of mice and men; etc.). However, my son decided that he'd like to build our grandkids a house in their back garden; “Can you store the wood for me dad? Can you find the wood for me dad?” Hence the Pem' was ‘woodbound' in the garage, and nothing got done, very quickly. Luckily, I did my wings before the wood had built up too much. Here's my story of the wing stays and the handbrake.

I found that wing stays on both sides were wobbling too much for my liking, and as so many people have had them crack or shear, I thought I'll fix them so they don't wobble. Well one thing led to another, and looking at the wings themselves, I decided in a moment of madness to buy two new wings from Phil G.

I called Dennis Cawson and asked if he would weld the new brackets together for me. Yes! Was the answer, pop over one day and we'll both do them together. Well Dennis welded the bar and tube together after we'd formed the curves of the bar into the wings' curves. Having fixed the wings onto the Pem', I returned home having given Dennis some beer tokens to replenish himself, and the electrode wire he'd used welding them all together. On returning home, I eventually removed the wings etc., to paint the brackets and refit the lighting. I used Hammerite silver smooth paint for the brackets, three coats in total.

The side repeater lamp needed a hole cut for it to fit into. This wasn't too difficult; just very fiddly and thus time consuming. One problem as you can see from this photo', is that I marked it out very nicely, but on the wrong side of the wing. Duuh!

Fitting the lamp itself was not a problem, other than the fact that it isn't made for a curved surface, thus I had to alter the wing to allow the lamp to fit firmly.

The bottom of the wing support is fixed to a bracket welded onto the suspension arms. The only fault with this is, the bolts are too long to fit in behind the support bracket, also the nuts are very difficult to hold in place while trying to pass the bolt through the wing support bracket and the one welded onto the arm. My rather tatty solution was to manufacture someway of captivating the nuts.

I first drilled two holes into a piece of strap, then marked out five points where the corners of the nuts could be held. Cut ‘V ‘ shaped slots and folded up the edges to form a cradle for the nut. The nut was then fitted into place and held there by a bolt from the other side whilest I knocked over the ‘top' of the cradle to stop the nuts from falling out.

I had to make several attempts at making the cradles fit the nuts; this is one of the worst (worse?) attempts. As you can see, the sides are too short to be able to curve over and keep the nut captive. Success was eventually attained and all four of the nuts are now captivated, and the wings fitted. Not something I'd like to go through again, it was quite frustrating at times. Nevertheless, the wings are very sturdy at the moment.

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