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Repairing the handbrake


Rob Andrew

Somehow or another I managed to break my handbrake lever's top half of the release button off. As you can see in this photograph.

So to attempt a repair I tried to remove the bottom half and glue the two together. "Sorry; you can't do that", the bottom ½ will not come off.

So the next best thing I could think of was to drill and screw the two ½ together. No! I couldn't do that either as the internal spring keeps the two bits apart.

The only way I could think of keeping the bits together was to glue, screw and then wire them together until the adhesive dried.

It wasn't a very elegant way of doing it; however, it did work.

As you can see, the finished item is now operational again. Moreover, it works well too. So at long last, I was able to drive the Pembleton and use the handbrake to keep it stationary rather than leaving it in gear. As you can see here, it went from the penultimate picture to the last picture, with surprising ease; allowing for the foibles of the Citroën builders.

Great work on the ePAG newletter by the way, please, please, please, keep it up; I'm always looking forward to it, and I have to print out each one twice; one for me and the other for Dennis Cawson because he doesn't use t'interweb.

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