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The 10,000ft Run wasn't well publicised this year and I don't know of anyone who went so there's no report or pictures of the event which is usually well supported - a pity as it's a stunning tour of the Yorkshire Dales.

I get a number of short items that fit here better than as stand-alone articles.

advice article

I thought this is funny but I do have an odd sense of humour.

stone VW

And this is brilliant - how about a 2CV version?

This came in an e_mail from Mark in Arizona

Check out this video on YouTube:

Calliope appears from 0:16 to 0:30



Alan and I made the trip to Hebden Bridge Vintage Festival Weekend. We decided to go to the Saturday show and maybe the run on the Sunday. I set off in glorious sunshine but the cloids gathered and after about an hour at the show the heavens opened and it poured for most of the rest of the day. A rather disappointing day which, if blessed by better weather, would have been really enjoyable. We were in the kit car section (and nothing wrong with that!) with the only other three wheeler a DRK. There were the usual gaggle of 'Cobras' and fake Ferraris with us. The rest of the field was full of cars and bikes from the 19020s onwards. Again it was a shame about the weather but that's been the pattern for most of the summer.


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