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Removable Steering Wheel


Robin Martin

It was becoming increasingly obvious that, with my choice of seats, I was never going to get in and out of the car without making a spectacle of myself. So – time for a removable steering wheel.

A quick browse on t’internet showed there were a lot of possibilities from £ to ££££. In the end I bought a fairly cheap (£20) removable hub utilising a splined type mechanism. I guess it is made in China like so many things but surprisingly seems well made other than the tiniest bit of play in the splines. I chose it because it was small and hopefully fairly discreet.

The male part of the spline which must be welded to the steering column has a ¾" i.d. Co-incidentally (and not very French) the i.d. of the steering column is also ¾". So fitting the spline proved relatively simple. I chopped off the flange on which the steering wheel normally mounts and inserted a short length of ¾" o.d. tube protruding by the length of the spline. The spline is just fitted over that and welded into position. Sounds simple – but it took a lot of thinking before I reached for the hacksaw…

The hub itself already has 3 x M8 tapped holes. Had I planned this in advance I would have asked for the steering wheel to be supplied undrilled. However that didn’t happen so I had to re-drill the steering wheel and drill and re-tap the hub. Luckily there was enough "meat" in the hub to do this.



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