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Rob Andrew

Boot box 1

Many years ago, a neighbour sold me a side panel off a bus for £1; (don't ask me why at that time he had a bus in his back garden, he's now using it as a greenhouse). At 2mm thick, I found that it was too heavy for the intended purpose; making something for a kitcar. Therefore, it has sat in the garage, as these things tend to do, for some time. However having made the templates for the rear of my Pem' I thought I'd use this piece to produce the final flat panels from; (no bends for rivets etc.). The first bit obviously was the rearmost one, with the holes in for the spare wheel, it would hold everything into their intended positions when they were riveted or welded together. Then the side pieces, the intention was to run the whole thing to a point. However as you can see from the picture, the ends drop below the bottom of the body's sides; hence the foreshortened centrepiece.

Boot box 2

The whole is, as you can see, taped together, until such time as I get around to making the final pieces with their extra parts for riveting. I'm sorry to say that this is as far as things have gone for the moment.

The next stages are:

First, to purchase some aluminium sheeting.

Second, get my garage ready for doing some work in it. At the moment, it's full of grandchildren's toys which I wasn't able to put back into the garden shed.

Third, adjust the roughly cut out aluminium template I've made for the rear of this piece into a working piece. N.B. I think that I may have to remove the centre part of this, thus allowing for the swing of the rear wheel; when under an upward bouncing movement.

Boot box 2

As you can see the base of the side pieces end in a point. This brings the whole thing's base to below the side of the Pembleton. I noticed this when fitting the templates in place. So, I will have to remove these points, and possibly adjust the rake of the front end, bringing it to the new base line. I just hope that it looks neat as a finished product.

Excuse the yellow bit at the bottom, this was where I would have joined the piece around the spare wheel carrier to this rear piece. As you can see it is very roughly cut to shape this will allow me to snip off to the correct size more easily and accurately.

Boot box 2

Another nice day and still much energy in hand, so out to the garage to continue with the storage compartments. As you can see, I'm still using the old Ali panel from a bus as template material. As can be seen, the rear 'wall' is very nearly finished, just a final trim around the edges and the sides of the Pem' should come around it to make pleasing curves.

Boot box 5
Boot box 6

For some reason the rear end of the Pembleton seems to be slightly cantered to the left in this photo', I don't as yet know why.

I'll have to go to Hull tomorrow and spend some more money; I still haven't bought the Ali sheet to finish it all off with. I'm hoping that they will guillotine the pieces to a rough size for me, yes, I know, I'm being lazy; or should that be using my initiative?

Best wishes from Rob A, and better ½.

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