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From Crap to Scrap - Part 3


Dave Parr

Not to much progress since part two, I have been a bit pre occupied with other things, two wheeled and ancient.

The oil pump assembly is now complete. I had to recess the bolt heads to get the filter in the space available. The M6 stud and nut fixings have been replaced with flanged head titanium bolts these are 8mm AF cross-drilled. They will be lock wired to the base plate.Yes I know,at bit OTT but it was just too tight for standard M6 fixings.

Here are the pictures

oil filter
oil filter

The crankcase oilway mods are underway and that oil pump cross drilling is now sorted out.

The crankcase has been bored to suit the oversize cylinder liners and the bottom end test assembled with liners and pistons, there are no clearance issues - it turns.

The deck height has been set and if the very hard sums are correct (this made my brain cell ache for days) we will end up with a compression ratio in the order of 9.7:1

That’s all for now, just a couple of link that didn’t work from part 2 Cylinder liner removal at 200 C and Aardvark in action

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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