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The Editor

I have just realised that this is the 30th edition of the newsletter that I have edited since stepping into the shoes of Crackleport, the founder of Pembletons Are Go newsletter. The first editions were a single sheet with a dozen or so subscribers. Since then the newsletter, both paper and electronic versions, are much larger and attract a much wider readership. I have added a version of the newsletter which puts all the articles together on one long webpage. This makes it easier for people to print out copies for non-computer savvy folk.

I've tried to pesuade Guy Gregory to contribute a quarterly Pembleton HQ report to keep us up-to-date with developments to the Pembleton. As you may be aware Guy now builds and sells built Pembletons using the small block Moto Guzzi engine. There's a copy of the Total Kit Car write-up in the Pembletons in Print section of the website.

I'd like to make the 60th edition a bumper one so do please try to make a contribution, large or small, to what I hope will be a specially good edition.

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