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Front Swivel Ideas


Tony Dawson

When I stripped my donor Dyane, I removed the front swivels from the car by knocking out the king pins. This was before undoing the large bearing locking ring.

This left me unable to hold the swivel to get a decent pressure on the air gun and special tool from ECAS (Part No. BT 2003). With a piece of 2" thick softwood to hand, I milled out, using the pillar drill with a 25mm wood bit, cleaning up with a mallet and chisel, the shape of the swivel. It worked perfectly.

I recently removed the swivels to weld on lugs for the 'turn with wheel' mudguard brackets. It was so much easier to strip and re-assemble on the bench, after paintwork. The piece of cloth prevented any damage to paint and enabled the air wrench to do it’s job.

2CV swivel hub
2CV swivel hub holder

To add the brackets to the swivels, I used 6x20mm flat bar, marked out to 40mm lengths, drilled and tapped M6 (while still in a reasonable length). Then cut to length. I had removed the seals and bearings, Ground off paint etc from the casting, tig tacked the pieces into place with a couple of dots so that they could be bent into correct position, continued tacking in half dozen places to make stable, then welded half each side (4 goes at it) hopefully preventing distortion. The ms flowed in perfectly with the cast. I was concerned about distortion but need not have been. The bearings went back in perfectly. So now final assembly could take place, and be ready for front mudguard thinking!

2CV swivel hub holder
2CV swivel hub holder

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