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Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs built two Pembletons. He lived in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He died last year. Mike Meakin and others met him in UK. He was a Pembleton enthusiast who loved CNC milling - for example made the footwells for his car from a billet - he must have had shares in aluminium companies! If you search for the 'convict isle' on our website you will find reports on his first build.

Mike sent me this appreciation of Peter.

Hi David,

Peter had a son in the US whom he visited from time to time (a business pal had a surfeit of airmiles which Peter was glad to use). He stayed here with us twice and also with Duncan. Peter also had an extensive collection of BMW motorbikes from the late 20's on - over 30 bikes as I recall. He belonged to an international BMW Club which had an arrangement - any member could stay with another (foreign) member for free on a reciprocal basis and whilst staying, would have the use of a BMW bike on a "bend it, you mend it" basis. Peter would take advantage of this when in the UK, so he always turned up on a BMW. Visitors to Peter would have a difficult choice which bike to borrow! Eileen and I were planning to make a return visit to Peter in Queensland, when both she and Peter "became unwell". I would source things in the UK for him and ship them, using Paypal for re-imbursement - Peter would also make me bits on his CNC machine (e.g. the "Bolide" script logos on my car). It was a splendid example of the social introduction possible via Pembleton.


Website News

Mike Meakin pointed out that the chassis register is a bit misleading because cars have been sold on and the new owners are unknown. There's not a lot I can do to get the new owners details to maintain the register. What I will do is flag the entry in the register but not delete the entry or the pictures in the Owners Cars section. I need to modify the scripts that I use to manage the register and create all the pages that use this data. I'll try to do this as soon as I can.

I have also written scripts to generate the outline of each newsletter. It makes life easier getting all the associated links in place without making silly mistakes but the downside is the uniformity of the layout of the resulting documents. I think I can live with it!

I got this e_mail from Paul about a car he saw in Netherlands which follows on from Mike's point about the validity of the register.

Hi David,

To my surprise I saw the brookland with the registration OTL 177Y in the place "Swifterband" in the Netherlands in an shop. (See".

The owner told me it was already sold to a German, hè would not tell me the name.

On the forum with the pictures nr 109 says the owner is Colin Wilson and with the cars registration it says Mark Corkery.


Paul Straatman

60th ePAG Newsletter

I contacted some of the people who wrote articles for the paper newsletters and you can read their stuff in this issue.

I got this e-mail from Crackleport

Greeting David.
Here's the crackleport jotting for PAG60
Can you do the spacing/formatting so it presents perfect on the web!!!!!
Tally ho !

Would you believe it......not only is PAG approaching the landmark birthday of 60 but editor David has asked if I could contribute. How could I refuse?????

Little did I know when I passed the editorial job to David many years ago he would still be banging out great newsletters on a regular basis....I raise a flagon to you sir, it's not easy but by crikey it is rewarding I'm sure. Certainly keeps you off the street corners on a night!!!

Anyway, what's you're old uncle Albert got to say and more to the point what's he up to???? Time these days is split between Vintafaking old motorcycles into tarmac burning monsters (not really) brewing beer from grain (hic) and digging seeds into my allotment in the hope that I will one day achieve near self sufficiency...(damn slugs have nibbled my best cabbages again)

I've attached for your enjoyment digital files that will enable you to build the ultimate in shed decor.... An Oilyracer weather stone.....Quality for sure and not available to those who follow a Mr Average lifestyle!!!!!!! Enjoy, and don't make it too blingy it doesn't suit.

Carry on Pembling and stay between the hedges.

TTFN. Albert Crackleport.

This was a follow up to the original request to David Gardiner.

Hi David,

I thought if I didn't do it quickly I'd forget.

I've written better articles for PAG but without an epic trip to write up I'm reduced to waffling! So this is sort of compare and contrast Morgan vs Pembleton. I hope it's useable. Edit it as you need. The Mog pic was taken at Hood aerodrome where Peter Jackson (film person) keeps a lot of his Great War planes; a 3 hr run (each way) for us. A world class flying display of first WW stuff. That's my heavy weather gear. A waxed cotton drover's coat and bowler. The bowler is not a joke (well perhaps a little) You need a fur felt bowler, not a wool one; fur felt will get completely soaked and keep it's shape. Bowlers stay on in the slipstream like no other hat I've tried.

Will you include me on an emailing of the finished EPAG?

Thought of something else you might like; when I did that French run all those years ago I kept a diary (as I usually do on holiday) illustrated with pen and wash drawings. I've just looked and I see there's an impression of night driving at the start and a side view of the Hornet to finish. I'll try and sort copies; don't hold your breath here they never seem to look as jolly when photographed; the paint seems to lose its vibrancy, and this is before you decide whether I am so amateur that they are useless anyway, of course.

(I'm looking at my sketch of the Hornet and it's making me smile!) Remind me on this one my wife is going to charge the battery of the camera so I can do this; so many opportunities for it to get forgotten.

Hope your other authors are doing their bits too,


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