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Tony Dawson

I decided to put a non-2cv face on the dash with ETB instruments. The Dyane specimens did leave a little to be desired but do serve a splendid job for the budget build.

Mounting the pick-up sensor needed some thought. It has to be triggered by an element rotating relative to road speed, ie wheel, drive shaft, brake disk etc.

The only stable item I could see was the hub of the front brake disk, r/h. No good mounting the sensor on the chassis, which would have been very convenient, as the engine/gearbox are rubber mounted and the flexing would give a discrepancy in the signal through movement. So it had to be mounted on the gearbox. Two of the gearbox top cover plate extended studs, triangulated with a redundant tin-ware mounting point at the bottom provide a good stable mounting that will hopefully be trouble free.

Mocked it up in cardboard first and then fabricated in 2mm SS. Two magnets will be permanently stuck to the hub with epoxy.

The ETB speedo is easily calibrated once you know the rolling radius/circumference of the front wheel. I’ll report back once Daisy is on the road.

Tony Dawson

Electronic speedo pickup
Electronic speedo pickup

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