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2000 miles


Philip Hardcastle

In the last issue of ePAG I had written about the first 1000 miles. A (quite literal) milestone which had taken a year to complete. Not long after, I met Tom Rae, whose odometer showed well over 40k and I thought to myself that I best get cracking and try to catch up. So here, it is – three months later I’ve now hit 2000 miles.

In a futile attempt to make this more interesting than it may actually be, I’ve decided to split the second thousand miles into sections which are related to numerical values. This is also loosely topical as I’m writing this waiting to give a talk on maths at school .....

2: The number of wheels which I added soon after breaking the 1000 mile barrier. In the last write up wheels were purchased but not fitted. I feel they have transformed the car – better gearing and (my opinion only) improved looks form both the side and front due to the slightly wider track.

waiting for mudguards

I was a little worried about getting the 2CV hubs off without damaging the bearings but they came easy enough with some constant pressure on one side (pry bar) and hitting with a mallet on the other. My inability to weld was part of the reason for building the Pembleton in the first place, so once the wheels were fitted it was a quick trip to my parents’ place to fabricate some new stays. We stuck with the steel bar welded in a ‘U’ shape and so far it’s help up well. Brackets seemed a little easier to make for the wires as opposed to the 2CV wheels as they went straight up to the guard without having to bulge our as they had before. Here she is waiting for new ‘guards:


£25.00: The cost of two N.O.S Harley silencers (delivered) from Ireland. I’d seen these on eBay and it was a last ditch attempt before I gave in and bought the real deal from Phil. I’m not entirely sure which model they’re from but they work perfectly with the 2CV engine. They have a sleeker look than the megaphones and are so much quieter yet still retain a good note when you put your foot down. I’ve not quite got the near side fitted correctly as the pipe is now not seated into the gutter holder quite right, but it’s something I can fix soon. I’d recommend trying the Harley silencers to all – the only downside being that they’re 1.75” so need a spacer/insert to fit which isn’t ideal.

alternator cover mk1

550mm: The width of my new front alternator belt cover. After the success of the wheels and exhaust I thought I’d turn my attention to the alternator cover. I’d inherited the one on the car and it wasn’t the best. Before making a new one, I thought I’d have a go at making something more symmetrical. Taking inspiration from a sump guard I made Mk1:

alternator cover mk2

Which soon turned into MK2:

It’s still not right, but I’m getting there. The next plan is to move the holes to the lower (angled) section and relocate the oil cooler behind these. I’ve then got some of the old Bakelite style number plate letters which will then go across the front (where the holes currently are). I did have a local chap lined up to make this but we’re now a couple of months on and I’ve heard nothing so will need to find someone else or bite the bullet and do it myself. I’ve bought some 10mm plumbing fittings and flexi-hose so may have a go at moving the oil cooler as a trial run over the next couple of weeks. An early outing with MKII was with a couple of friends – both have told my how rubbish it looks but I think they just need the vision!

200: The number of miles covered during the NYM run. I won’t go into detail as I’m sure there will be other - much more eloquently written - reports in this edition of ePAG, but suffice to say it was a brilliant day. My first Pembleton run and such a great experience.

The day had started well when Tony (Weg3) and his brother had pulled up beside me at the Malton crossroads. We were going to take different routes to the Bedlam Farm Shop meeting place but after a hurried chat (lights on amber!) I chose to follow Tony’s beautiful blue Triking through Helmsely and across. We soon made it to the farm shop and I was quite surprised by both the number of people and how far they had travelled. I had time for a coffee and look at other cars which were all superb; I don’t think I could have chosen a favourite as all had something special. I must say a huge thank you to Sam for organising all this. The route was both stunning and fun, and the organisation faultless. Thank you.

North York Moors Run
North York Moors Run
North York Moors Run
South Dalton Car Club

3: The number of members in the ‘South Dalton Classic Car club’. It’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek as there are only three of us and none live in South Dalton. Tom owns the pickup in the picture above, but also a couple of MGAs and a Frogeye. We got out for another run a couple of weeks after the NYM event and apart from some quite incredible sunburn - which left me looking like a warning beacon - we had a cracking drive around Millington pastures and beyond. Another location included in my proposed East Yorks run (when I get round to it!).

£3.20: The cost of a pint at North Grimston, Near Malton (DISCLAMER: I DIDN’T PAY; GEOFF TREATED ME!). Geoff Hemingway (of Valentine fame. Wife Anne of NYM run lovely scones fame) had been in touch about an informal classic car gathering on the first Monday of each month at North Grimston. The weather was good so I duly attended, arriving so see Geoff’s Valentine looking great in the evening sun. We had a very enjoyable drink and chat and lots of positive comments for the cars. The selection was good too with some interesting machines: A vintage Bentley, Aston Martin, early 911 and some great classic Jags were amongst those in attendance. Weather permitting I’ll be there next month too. If you’re anywhere near local it’s worth heading down.

North Grimston
North Grimston
North Grimston

$300. The price of a URAL 750 from Russia. We currently have Polish family staying. Chloe’s uncle (who dealt in motorbikes in England) has lived out there for the past 25 years and is a regular at Polish bike fairs at which Russian parts are sold. I had asked him to look out for a 750 Guzzi or R80 engine on his travels and although he’s not had any luck he did say that the URAL engines are plentiful and cheap out there. The question is – are parts interchangeable with a BMW airhead? If the URAL motor would bolt to R80 transmission, then I can’t see why I can’t use the current BMW conversion kit to mate the URAL and 2CV gearbox. I’m a bit in the dark about this at the moment, but if anyone has the knowledge I need please get in touch!

2000 miles completed

And Finally:

2000: The number of miles now completed. There isn’t really much to day on this apart from I really never imagined getting this many miles in just over a year. Just looking now on google maps it’s almost exactly the distance from my house in Beverley to Nice. I’ve done the trip many years ago, would it be so difficult in the three wheeler?! Here she is at 2000 miles exactly:


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