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Sam MacIntyre

Fishburn Airfield, 2 May 2016

I'm not the first to point out the similarities between constructing a Pembleton and the world of light aircraft, so it seemed like a good idea when Eric Bentley (Bentleycraft) advertised the above event on the Forum. It was local to me, and not too far for Duncan, so what better excuse to show off the Pembleton to a curious public?

They (the public) could marvel at three variations on the Pembleton theme; my big block round barrel Guzzi version, with my "Keep it simple" theme; Duncan's BMW powered "patina finish" version with individually crafted tail; and Eric's very shiny and beautifully detailed small block Guzzi version. Although nominally the same car, they each have very different "personalities".

When we had had enough of the usual question and answer sessions, we could wander off to see a variety of vehicles, ranging from vintage motorbikes (my friends from the BSA Club), to a WW2 German half-track, American musclecars to Austin 7's. Light planes and a trainer aircraft came and went off the grass runway, and you could poke around in a couple of aircraft being restored for the fledgling museum. Although a relatively small scale event, there was a friendly atmosphere and a good response from the public, so why not make this an excuse for a ride in your Pembleton next year?

Sam McIntyre

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