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Not 10,000ft Fun Run - 2016


David Tocher

Like London #73 buses good events seem to come together after a long wait. I had returned from the 24th Dreirad Treffen in the Netherlands the previous Tuesday and then we were off again on Malc Hopwood's 10,000ft fun run in the Yorkshire Dales (with minor excursions in to Lancashire). The weather forecast was promising so Jan came along on her first longish outing of the year.

We set off in rather cloudy conditions but could see the clouds were lifting in the west - just as forecast. After an uneventful run (the type I like) we arrived in good time for a coffee in Ingleton before meeting the the visitors centre car park which is the usual rendez vous for the start of the run. All the usual suspects were there and we left on schedue for what transpired to be a day of more or less unbroken sunshine. The route included a stop in Hawes but very few people actually stopped but carried on to Kettlewell were some of us re-grouped before driving to Helwith Bridge for lunch, drinks and a natter.

After the lunch break we set off for Stock's reservior were we stopped to admire the view. From there we went over the moors towards Waddington. The moorland was quite different to the Dales, which are limestone, and the gritstone to the south. It's same difference in Derbyshire between the Dark Peak and White Peak regions. Somehow we managed to lose our way after Bashall Barn. We were dying for a cuppa and found a tea room in a village. That was it! We stopped and enjoyed the tea and cakes. Because of a ridge it would mean retracing our route almost to Bashall Barn and then driving to Ribchester, the finish. We didn't bother but drove back to Leeds.

All in all - a grand day out - David

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