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The Editor

I've not had much of a summer. I hurt my back in May working on the boat and it took months to get back to rights. I haven't managed to get much use out of Quicksilver - maybe increasing the annual milage limit was tempting fate.

I find any dealings with the DVLA to be very frustrating. Having sorted the incorrect V5C which took months I tried to transfer a NI plate from my brother-in-laws car when he sold it. That took months as they claimed the age-related plate they had issued was a cherished mark. I tried to tax Quicksilver from the 1st September 2015 but the computer said I needed an MOT despite the regulations stating one wasn't required until the third anniversary of first registration which is the 12th September. Given it could take months to sort it out I got the car MoTed in August 2015 assuming that the renewal date for the MoT would still be 12th September. Of course when I checked with DVLA in early August 2016 their computer now has mid August as the date the MoT expires. Their incompetence has resulted in me having to return to the UK earlier than planned twice and at a more expensive time on the ferry.

I managed to get two Vire marine engines to add to the one I have in my boat - I've mentioned some of the problems that I have had with it - I plan to overhaul the better looking one as a replacement for the leaking one in the boat. The other looks a bit rusty but seems fine mechanically but with ancillaries either missing or in bits in boxes. My current thoughts are to make it look pretty and get it as a running, but static, display engine. I need a few external plumbing parts which I could make but obtaining genuine bits would be the right way to go. Ebay here I come!

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