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Fun is not always funny, but a challenge


Paul Straatman

On the 3rd June the Pembleton, Henk (a cousin of mine) and I took the ferry to England to go to friend who would her to the test. on Saturday we did some work on several "sharp edges" and the bonnet fittings. On Sunday we did more or les the same but Henk and I took the ferry home, leaving the Pembleton to go to the test.

Coming home, Anke and I went to her father (93 Years young) to spend a couple of days before to take a holiday in the mountains of Switzerland. When we where home to pack our gear there was a voice mail and an E-mail dated 07-06 2016 ( on Monday) from England.

This is what it said.

Hi Paul,

Having made a start on the "sharp edges protection" my friend M. came along today to offer his advise regarding the MSVA test. M has a great deal of experience with kit cars. He us an independent eye and I have confidence in his assessments of car building.He spent two hours today going over the car and this is a report of his inspection.

His opinion with which I agree, is that the car will come close to passing the inspection as there are far to many details which cannot be overlooked. As I said on Saturday " you only get one chance to make a first impression" and his impression was not favourable.

I attach a list of what we noticed and some photographs of the most obvious points of failure. Once the inspector has found one or two notable flaws, he will look very hard to find further ones and the list below is only a small part of what he may find.

I anticipate that there will be at least three weeks concentrated work required to correct all the defect with the car and I think our best course of action is to come to collect the car as soon as you can and start the work directly.

So there I was with a list: electrical 10 items, mechanical 13 items, safety 2 items, general build - not to a good standard.

This was not funny at all, I did feel sick and very hard blow to my ego, and furthermore we had to change our holiday plans.

We took the ferry on June 17th, met our friend and agreed to leave the Pembleton with him and first spent a few weeks in the north of England camping, walking, enjoying nature and seeing historical sites. We even had a flooding in Alnwick after a kind of tropical thunderstorm, knee-deep water to go back to our car.

On July 16th we went home with the trailer and the Pembleton.

As said before, the re do list is endless but the photographs speak for themselves.

Paul Straatman

We called in to see Paul's work on our way to the 24th Dreirad Treffen The editor

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