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No. 292 MSVA pass


Peter Weeds

Richard Day (from Church) came as outrider. We left at about 10.15am, me leading in my new helmet. It was a bit daunting getting used to the gears, remember, this was the first time I had ever driven a Pembleton, or a 2CV on the road!

Down to the A19 via the Coronation to give me a little experience of corners and brakes and then speeding up for the dual carriageway!

Most of the journey was at 50+mph which creates quite a wind but I was well wrapped up in Martyn's old ski jacket, which fits me beautifully.

Through the Tyne tunnel, a noisy expeerience and full of pride at my performance, didn't realise I should have turned off until I saw Richard doing it!

From then I was on my own, working out how to get back to him. I never managed it and after a few false turns and little villages, got to the test centre with the help of a friendly postman.

My tester from last time waas ready and I started the test a little early, still no sign of Richard. Phoning home I left a mesage in case he contacted Robina, she gave me his mobile no.and the tester phoned him. He had gone to a MOT station, because we hadn't prepared sufficiently for him to know where the MSVA station was - my fault!

The test was well under way when he arrived. The tester had found not enough space between the rear lights, a fault I thought I'd sorted. I thought that would be that and another visit would be needed. Richard produced a tool kit, saw and wood! and proceeded to built extensions on each side. The tester agreed to accept that provided we promised to re-do it properlyat home. Everything else was good, so I got a pass certificate!

Home just a reverse of the journey there, at times 65mph!. Arrived about 5pm. Robina had cooked a lovely meal for us and we needed it because we had had nothing since breakfast.

Just think, seven years of work and despair and work again has paid off and I am going to alter my Twitter profile!

Sorry if it sounds as if I'm full of myself, I am. Even Brexit holds no fears just now!

Thanks to all who've helped over the years, from Chris collecting the chassis, Kev towing, advising on carburettors and 2CV's in general, Dave doing the welding, Sam showing me how to sort the engine, the Pembleton Owners and Builders and all the folks who have been patient with me and bought me weird presents like tools and wires and so on!

It will be a few weeks before I can ride it legally on the roads again, but the summer is still here!

Peter Weeds


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